2.5 Feet Custom Made Toughened Glass Aquarium

Custom Made

Having an aquarium within your bookshelf is a great idea because it will not only occupy empty space in your bookshelf but also encourage you to read books as you spend time near your aquarium. An aquarium adds more liveliness to your bookshelf.

Aquarium Size: 2.5 feet Length * 15 inch width * 2 feet height
Glass thickness: 12 MM toughened glass
Cabinet: 2.5 feet Length * 15 inch width * 29 inch height
Wood thickness: 19 MM ply wood and laminate
Filter: Dophin C1000 External Filter
Light: Waterproof LED light
Background: white
Plants: Artificial plants
Fish: Malawi Cichlids
Interior: sand and natural rocks

Other accessories: 200 watts heater and oxygen pump

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