6 Feet Extra Clear Custom Made Toughened Glass Aquarium

With Cabinet

This aquarium is made of extra clear 12MM toughened glass, simple and easy to maintain with some artificial plants. This aquarium is a divider between the dining area and the living room, it has Malawi cichlids and with lots of natural rocks for better hiding space.

Aquarium Size: 6 feet Length * 15 inch width * 2 feet height
Glass thickness: 12 MM toughened glass
Cabinet: 2.5 feet Length * 2 feet width * 29 inch height
Wood thickness: not applicable
Filter: Dophin C1600 External Filter
Light: Waterproof LED light
Background: Not applicable
Plants: Artificial plants
Fish: Malawi cichlids
Interior: sand, driftwood and natural rocks
Other accessories: 200 watts heater and oxygen pump

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