5 Feet Custom Made Discus Fish Aquarium

Custom Made

Discus fish is one of the most beautiful fish in the freshwater aquarium, here is a 5 feet discus fish aquarium with brilliant colors and patterns, to keep discus fish, we need to provide proper care and good water quality, just by doing this we can have a successful discus aquarium.

Aquarium Size: 5 feet Length * 2 Feet width * 2 feet height
Glass thickness: 12 MM toughened glass
Cabinet: 5 feet Length * 2 feet width * 29 inch height
Wood thickness: 19 MM ply wood and laminate
Filter: dophin C1600 External Filter
Light: Water proof LED light
Background: White
Plants: Live Plants
Fish: Discus Fish
Interior: sand, driftwood and natural rocks
Other accessories: 200 watts heater and oxygen pump

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